Rental Hosts Rental Property Owners Sifely keyless entry door lock review is a good option for short term rental property owners, airsharing tenants, and landlords looking to improve security for their building. Instantly create access code remotely using phone, tablet computer, or wireless device and share it with your guests. Easy To Use Simplicity: No drills required. No Locksmith Required.

Sifely Keyless Entry Deadbolt Review

Sifely Keyless Entry Deadbolt Review

The sifely keyless entry door lock allows you the ability to add a new layer of security to your home or apartment by instantly creating a password code. No more lost keys left in vehicles! With this easy to use new technology, anyone can add another layer of protection between themselves and the things they love most in life.

One of the most popular features on the sifely keyless entry door lock is its built-in fingerprint scanner. This high-tech, patented feature-packed smart door lock allows you to enter a passcode without looking at your wallet, keys, or cards. Simply place the finger of your preferred hand on the built-in fingerprint scanner and enter your desired passcode.

The built-in fingerprint scanner is an excellent feature-packed smart home integrations security system. Fingerprint technology means that there is no need to write down each pin code individually, as you do with traditional key codes. Simply place your finger on the scanner and the system knows exactly which code to display to your favored receiver. There are many different brands of fingerprint enabled sifely keyless entry door locks on the market today. Each brand has different finger print patterns so it is important to research which brand will best fit your needs. Remember to purchase a good quality door lock for optimum security and reliability of your home.

Another handy security feature of the sifely Keyless Entry lock is the “panic button.” When turned on, this feature will automatically lock the door when the battery is drained or when pressed by a finger. It also has a battery backup feature so the unit automatically powers itself on if there is a power outage. Simply touch the panic button and it will automatically lock the door when the battery goes out. The battery backup feature allows you to use the product even when you have a power outage, as the lock will reset itself to lock upon power failure.

There are two main options in the sifely keyless entry deadbolt. The first option is the automatic-locking mechanism, also referred to as the touch-locking mechanism. This type of lock has an auto-lock feature that requires users to physically hold the cylinder against the door. This type of lock can be useful for apartment or condo buildings where you have no other choice but to use the deadbolt. However, the sifely keyless entry deadbolt has an advantage in that it can be used in conjunction with the touch-locking mechanism for additional security.

The second option is the double cylinder deadbolt, which is the most popular style of lock found in homes today. The double cylinder deadbolt offers users double security because it provides twice the amount of security as compared to the single cylinder lock. Users need only one key to operate both the cylinder locks. In addition, the double cylinder lock features a smart lock technology, which yale assure is the most secure and tamper resistant among all deadbolts available on the market.


A sieve lock has an advantage over other traditional deadbolts, as it does not need a key to open. There is no need to worry about forgetting the combination when you are not at home. Therefore, they are perfect for home, business, or public safety needs. The sieve lock can be installed on just about any type of door including, sliding, folding, and fixed garage doors. All you have to do is simply place it on the door and turn it on. It will automatically lock itself when you enter your home or office.

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