About Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat, Energy Star Certified, Pro-Apps, Eco-Friendly, and ST 55. The main goal of the Sensi wireless thermostatic control is to provide a cost-efficient, Wi-Fi intelligent thermostatic program that can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet computer, or laptop. It allows temperature control with an on-off temperature indication with a built-in humidity alarm and carbon monoxide sensor. The temperature can be set and adjusted during off-hours, days, or nights.

Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat Review

Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat Review

The main function of the Sensi Wireless Thermostat is to control and maintain a comfortable temperature for your home. It has a built-in hygrometer for more precise temperature setting adjustments. In many cases, the temperature can be controlled with finger movement, a tap with the earphone, or a remote switch. The Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi smart thermostat operates with your existing wires and doesn't need a common electrical wire (c Wire) in most instances.

With the AirSense feature of the Emerson Sensi, a user can remotely control the air conditioning or heating of their room through the touch of a button. A thermostat without this feature could potentially leave the user in the dark because it would not have a sensor to sense heat or cold. It is also equipped with a timer that can be set to activate when leaving the room. When exiting the room, the timer will automatically come on, thus allowing the user to enter in a comfortable temperature after returning from work or an active evening at home. The Emerson Smart Connected Thermostats also has a very useful “lights out” feature which allows the thermostat to turn itself off after hours so that it does not bother you if you forget to switch it on before you leave work or after you return from a hard day at school.

It comes with many useful features including multiple sensors for automatic temperature regulation, automatic sensor logging, and a device identity display. This device can sense and log up to 10 devices as long as they are within its range. You can also set the temperature zone that the Sensi works within, from cool (temperature 20F) to warm (temperature 100F). There is also a low battery indicator that allows the user to recognize when the battery is about to run out of power.

The air conditioning unit itself is a very durable and efficient device. The Emerson Smart Connected Thermostat is manufactured by the leading manufacturers in the HVAC industry and meets or exceeds all required safety standards. It works well with both the Advance, EA and SE models. When it comes to efficiency, the Emerson Smart Connected Thermostat performs better than many other air conditioning systems and its slim design makes it perfect for any room that needs cooling.

Other benefits of this smart and energy-efficient device are the benefits to your wallet. You will not be spending money on electricity bills to keep the air in your home cool. The monthly utility costs will be much lower because this device will run several times more than those used by the other models. In addition, there are tax benefits available in some states for residential energy efficiency programs, so you may be eligible to receive financial incentives. If you plan to use the Emerson SmartFi Wi-Fi in a business, this device may also qualify for a tax break.

While it uses Wi-Fi technology to allow you access to the internet, it is also very easy to install. It will allow you to make any adjustments to the temperature settings remotely via your computer. No wires are needed to install the appliance so it can also be placed anywhere in your home. If you have in-laws or live in a dorm room, this device will be a practical choice because it does not take up much space.


Convenience is another benefit to owning this smart and convenient air conditioning device. You can program the settings to turn the air temperature to a comfortable level when you are away from home and sleeping. It also has the ability to sense if someone is home when you are away from the house and turn the air conditioning back on automatically. You will have to set the duration for which the air conditioner will run to cool the air inside your home before it will start running, but once it has been programmed, it will continue to run without stopping. These benefits are not only great for households, but also for small businesses, dorm rooms, and apartments.

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