Smart Remote by Sevenhugs is a revolutionary technology that makes controlling your home entertainment system as easy as possible. Stop wrestling with inconvenient remote controls and other complex programs and simplify how you manage your television and entertainment system. With Smart Remote, there is no more searching for buttons and scrolling through menus. Meet Smart Remote, your ultimate smart remote.

Sevenhugs Smart Remote Review

Sevenhugs Smart Remote Review

The sevenhugs smart remote includes a sleek, slim design that fits easily in a shirt pocket or purse. It has a battery that lasts for up to six months of use, a rechargeable lithium ion battery, one extra bumper, and seven universal remotes including a standard, A/V, USB, and Bluetooth. The remotes work with most televisions, DVD players, set-top boxes, and stereo systems. In addition to the battery power supply, the slim design of the seven hugs remote makes it easy to use and eliminates clutter.

With the sevenhugs smart remote, users can easily manage multiple devices at once without having to pull out their existing remote controls. For example, if a family member wants to watch their favorite movie on their TV, but they do not have a Blu-ray player or receiver, all they have to do is pull out their sevenhugs remote and search for movies available in their geographic area. Other features of this universal remote include built-in channels, automatic searches for popular cable and satellite providers, and a multi-purpose program guide. With this multi-purpose program guide, family members can find what they want to watch, regardless of genre, price, or network.

The sevenhugs smart remote also features a seven-inch touch sensitive screen that is comfortable to hold on your hand and responds quickly to fingertip commands. This makes controlling this remote no problem whatsoever, even while driving or carrying out other tasks. In addition to the touch sensitive screen, this remote also has an in-built glass screen that makes watching your television shows and movies easier than ever. With a full-auto function, this remote also has pre-programmed channel display that offers great picture quality.

Sevenhugs smart remote, just like many other sevenhugs products, also includes a Kickstart Control. Kickstart is a handy device that allows owners to control their sevenhugs remotely via a computer. Using the Kickstart Control, users can set up home entertainment systems, set timers, set volume levels, skip ads, skip introverts, and much more. When using the Kickstart Control, all it takes is a few simple clicks to fully program the system. The Kickstart Control does not require any installation, and users can control their sevenhugs smart remote from just about any computer with a standard web browser.

One of the most innovative features found on the sevenhugs Smart Remote is the integrated Infrared Thermo heater sensors. These infrared sensors are ideal for areas where there is increased heat, such as rooms in the house that have multiple windows. Once the device is installed, it works automatically to detect heat, and then the temperature is adjusted using onboard controls. To control the intensity of heat, the user simply uses one of seven different buttons on the remote. The user can either change the heat level or increase and decrease the heat sensitivity.

For added convenience, the sevenhugs Smart Remote also supports a wide variety of third-party applications. These third-party applications include TV shows that allow users to control their televisions from their laptops. The Smart Remote also supports an extensive range of input controls including TV Guide buttons, video play/pause buttons, TV highlight buttons, television channel buttons, DVD playback buttons, and a large number of “virtual buttons”. While watching a television show, press one of the virtual buttons to quickly change the focus of the camera, or view a movie on your computer screen by pausing the movie you are watching.


One of the things that separate sevenhugs smart remote from its competitors is the fact that it does not use any physical buttons. By eliminating physical buttons, this Smart Remote takes away the possibility of accidentally pressing a button when you do not want to. On the other hand, if you are used to pressing physical buttons on electronic devices, you may find that sevenhugs remote is too complicated to understand. Many people are comfortable with using electronic devices, but they may find it difficult to use a simple remote to switch channels.

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