The new Apple iPhone is going through its major upgrade with the introduction of the iOS 15 mobile operating system. With this latest release, users have access to a number of exciting new features that were first introduced in the new beta version. Although these new features are available in the free “jailbreak” version of the iOS, they will only be found in the official, paid version. If you're looking for some of the best new features in iOS, then read on for our in-depth assessment of the new additions and enhancements in iOS 15.

New Features in iOS 15

Biggest Features in iOS 15

One of the biggest upgrades in iOS 15 is the new in-built memory. The memory size of the device has been doubled to improve performance and make it feel like more of a premium device. It now has twice the amount of memory as the older model of the iPhone. This increase in memory is only possible thanks to the availability of the new iOS 15 beta software which was released by Apple in order to allow the company to gain user feedback and implement any necessary changes before the final launch.

Update in Maps Application

One of the most requested new features in iOS 15 is the updated Maps application. Apple has added new features including improved satellite map imagery, more efficient routing options, improved subway maps and transportation information, and new public transportation services. The Maps software in the new release of the iPhone is compatible with iPhone 5, the iPad, and the new iPod Touch. The beta version of the new Maps app can be downloaded for free from the Apple website.

New Feature in Health Center Added

Another new feature in the iOS 15 is the greatly enhanced and highly appreciated Health Center. The Health Center now offers an extensive menu of options for controlling several aspects of your health. For example, with the new Health Center, you can set up recurring checkups, view your body type, learn more about your fitness goals, and manage your medication needs.

Some Unique Features

The third new feature in the update makes it easier to share your links with others. The share feature allows you to post a link on one of your e-mail drafts or documents so that others can see your link and then click on it to open the link in their browser. The sharing feature allows you to add any of your contacts as a recipient so that they will receive an email with a link to your contact's page. The feature also allows you to add any of your contacts as a beneficiary on your insurance plan. The feature will automatically update the benefits listed in your plan.

The fourth new feature allows users to schedule events at certain times of the day. The new feature lets you set a specific time to have certain tasks completed. You can set the time to wake up, have lunch, and then do other tasks throughout the day. This feature allows you to make better use of your time and organize your day in a more efficient manner.

The fifth and last feature allows you to see how many calories are burned while you are exercising. This assists in weight management by informing you of how many additional calories have been burned during your exercise. This feature has been specifically designed to help those who are new to physical fitness. When you use this time tracking feature, it records the duration and distance you cover during your exercise session. It also records the number of stairs you climbed during your workout session.


These five new features are quite a substantial improvement over the old version of iOS. They provide significant new functionality for all customers. Apple is always coming up with new features and options for its software programs. The iPhone is no exception. Hopefully, these new features will be adopted into the iPhone for all users. They have the potential to enhance the capabilities of this device and make using it even easier.

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