For all the smart light bar lovers out there, I have written this GoVee Flow Plus Smart Light Bars review to give you all the facts straight. It is a product that has just recently come onto the market and has taken the market by storm, so to speak. I was asked to write this GoVee Flow Plus review after having a good time in the evening speaking with a group of young adults in a Starbucks. Everyone seemed very excited about the new product, so I felt obligated to write it down.

Govee Flow Plus Smart Light Bars Review

The first topic we spoke about was the GoVee Flow Plus, and we talked about the benefits of having one, as well as some of the downsides, like saving on coffee every day, and that is a valid point, I agree. However, the product does what the name says, it lights up your car. There is an additional benefit as well, and that is account creation. I have no idea why anyone would use an already existing account to open up more. The only people I could think of who would have used this feature were those who either already had a credit card, or were interested in opening one.

Govee Flow Plus Smart Light Bars Review

I also had to mention that I like saving on energy, and this is achieved through the GoVee Flow Plus lighting system. If you compare the amount of energy you use at night with the amount of energy you use during the day, you will see a huge difference. This is a result of the lights only turning on when it is dark outside and then they turn off. You don't need a bunch of batteries for that. If you need an energy boost at night, there are several different settings for brightness, like a lower setting might be more comfortable for you. If you want the lights to go completely off, that's fine as well.

When I talked to the salesman, he explained how these lights work. He told me that when you go to bed at night, they detect the darkness in the atmosphere and turn on the lights. If you have ever read anywhere about how energy-efficient appliances work, you'll understand what I'm talking about. These lights take advantage of a phenomenon called the Peltier Effect and are very efficient at using energy at night. They work great in a well-lit room because there are no other sources of light to help save on your electric bill.

One of the best features of the GoVee Flow Plus smart light bars was the temperature-sensing feature. It takes nighttime temperatures and displays them on your dashboard. This will allow you to make better decisions regarding the heating of your house. You can choose a few preferred settings and really customize the thermostat to your liking. I especially like having a temperature that allows my thermostat to turn on when the room temperature is below 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

The lights come with a handy remote control as well. I've always had trouble trying to find the right remote in the dark. The GoVee Flow Plus has a nice electronic button that makes it easy to find the right button from any location in the house. I find this an extremely useful feature as I don't have to fumble around in the dark with a flashlight. The lights also come with a pair of motion-sensitive lights that can be used when you're out entertaining guests. I use these lights all the time when I have guests over and they work wonders for ensuring that everyone is kept awake.

The best thing about the GoVee Flow Plus smart light bars is the ease of installation. I simply follow a couple of simple steps, and I was able to install the light bars in no time. While they were installed, I placed some fabric on the floor and wrapped some wire around it to keep the lights from leaking out onto the floor. Installing them was a breeze and I'm excited every morning when one of the lights comes on in the morning.

One of the best things about the lights is that they use low battery technology. They don't draw much current and last up to six hours on a single charge. When I first installed the lights, I didn't think I would like them at first. I couldn't imagine how these lights would look in my home. However, I soon grew accustomed to them and I now enjoy turning them on at night. I'm so glad I opted for these lights to add to my decorating arsenal.

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