HBN Outdoor Wifi Smart Plug Review

The HBN Outdoor Wifi Smart Plug is an excellent device if you are looking to connect to the internet from a location that does not have any wires available. It works in conjunction with the wall mount wireless router that is provided with the package. The only issue people might have with this product is that it lacks some of the features found on some of the other wireless routers available today. But, whatever you think, it is a very convenient device for any situation where a wireless connection is required. Here is an HBN Outdoor Wifi Smart Plug review that takes a look at this product and what it can do for you.

HBN Outdoor Wifi Smart Plug Review

What makes the HBN stand out from other wireless routers is the fact that it does not use a USB cord to connect to your computer. This makes it ideal for people that like to stay out of the way of power cords and such things. This is also a plus for any business or home that wants to go wireless but does not want to pay a premium for a USB wireless adapter. Simply plugin and go.

Another great feature that this product has is that it can automatically detect your connection and set up the necessary networks. This is a feature that you will want to take advantage as you will want to be able to connect to wireless websites without having to log in to your router every time you want to check something online or simply download something into your computer. If you are not connected to a wireless network then the computer will not be able to discover your WLAN. It simply will not work. If you are connected however then your access can be obtained just as you would with a wired Ethernet connection.

One of the reasons why so many people are choosing the HBN Outdoor WiFi Smart Plug over other types of wireless routers is that there is a stand-alone version that can be plugged into the wall. This makes it very convenient to have if you are in a location where you would like to be able to use a wireless router but do not want to dedicate an entire room or building to the process. You simply need to plug the wireless router into this convenient little plug. Once it is plugged in, it will quickly detect all of the available networks. Then it will prompt you with a menu to choose which ones you would like to allow access to.

The HBN Outdoor WiFi Smart Plug does have one more feature that sets it apart from the other wireless routers on the market today. One of the challenges that many people face when they are setting up their first wireless network is that many times there are areas of the house that are either not lit well or are not even reachable by a standard wired Ethernet cable. This is where this plug comes in handy. You can set up your network and give access to it using your own personal router. Even though your personal router will pick up and transmit the signals to the places that you want them to go, it will be powered by the plug that you connect to your wall.

There are some people that believe that using the HBN Wireless router is going to be a bit more complicated than using a regular wired Ethernet switch. However, the truth of the matter is that the complexity level associated with the HBN Wireless router really is very low. It only takes five minutes to install one, and it is so easy to operate that even a child can do it. Once installed, you will simply plug in one end of the Ethernet cable to the back of the plug and the other end of the cable into the router.

HBN Outdoor Wifi Smart Plug Review

The final feature that the HBN Outdoor WiFi Smart Plug has to offer is that it does support WAP. This stands for Wireless Access Providers. There are a variety of different types of WAPs that are supported by the HBN. These include MPLS, L2TP, IPsec, and Bluetooth. Having an option available in your HBN that supports one or more of these protocols makes it that much better.

This is just one feature of the HBN Wireless Router that makes it so useful. There are many more features available and many of them are ones that you will never even think about. But having this router to connect to your wireless network is definitely one of the best features that it has to offer.

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