In this Eufy Security Smart Lock review, we take a look at what Eufy has to offer the consumer in terms of home protection, personalization, and convenience. With today's crime rates and home break-ins, more people than ever are looking for the best home protection systems and home security. As home protection technology improves, companies like Eufy continue to develop solutions that are designed to keep homeowners safe and secure. The security companies Eufy Security are leading the industry in offering technology to complement today's home security needs. This is one way they are able to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Eufy Security Smart Lock Review

Eufy Security Smart Lock Review

The Eufy Security Smart Lock comes standard with a Eufy lock pad that when activated will automatically lock and unlock your front door using either your fingerprint or the electronic keypad. You can also use the electronic keypad to control all your electronic devices, like your alarm clock, digital camera, pager, cellular phone, and others. No matter what you need to do on the front door, you can do it with the convenience of this single unit. The lock itself is made out of a durable heavy-duty zinc alloy with a tamper-resistant cover. It can be installed quickly, easily, and most importantly it offers high levels of security.

The design of the smart lock is intended to offer an affordable solution for the homeowner who is looking for a quick and easy entry solution. Eufy smart locks are designed to provide homeowners with a quick and easy entry into their homes. It uses the traditional deadbolt locks but incorporates a new locking system that utilizes your fingerprint or electronic keypad to unlock your front door. This adds convenience to the process of entering and exiting your home.

The new model of the smart lock provides a fast process of opening doors. The ease of operation along with the enhanced security make the units highly recommended by security professionals. Many homeowners find that using a combination lock as a method of securing all their doors and windows makes the home even more secure. These new units are designed to accommodate all standard deadbolt styles and have been approved by a major national security rating agency.

There are several features that make these smart locks even easier to operate. The new model provides an electronic keypad that when activated will automatically lock and unlock your front door using your fingerprint or electronic keypad. It will also allow you to control your electronic devices with the convenience of a touchpad. For added measure, it also comes with standard aa batteries which are used to power the lock.

The electronic keypad is capable of storing up to nine user codes that can be programmed into the unit. If you lose your passcode programmed keys will not be able to open your front door. Once a user code is entered into the electronic keypad, a series of numbers will be displayed to confirm whether the user wishes to unlock the door from either the inside or the outside. There is also a delay before opening the door which gives you the opportunity to enter your passcode.

The door sensor technology of the new model has been improved upon. The wi-fi-enabled smart deadbolt locks provide security by sending an alert to the monitoring service in case the security is compromised. If you are away from the house for an extended period the alarm will sound if someone attempts to enter your home. The monitoring service can then verify the intruder's identity using their database and remotely control the unlocking process. In addition, a notification is sent to the resident cellular phone, via Bluetooth, if someone tries to enter your home during the night.


A further improvement on the new model is the fact that this system can be controlled from a smartphone. This means that all of the functions can be executed from your mobile phone. Not only will you never need to leave your front door in order to unlock it, but you can activate and deactivate motion detectors, broadcast your voice, or speak to the security monitoring service. You can also use voice commands to turn off sprinklers, light dimmers, and other home automation systems. Apart from being able to control the locking system, you can program individual lights to turn on at a particular time of day, and shut off at another. The combination of an indoor and outdoor motion detector, with the latest wireless internet capabilities, means that the new model is even more secure than the original models.

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