Asus has been the number one computer accessory maker for years and their latest addition to the company's lineup is the Asus TUF Gaming Video Capture Card. It's a great little device if you are a serious gamer and love to capture everything that goes on during your gaming sessions. We're going to have a look at the many features that this little card has to offer, as well as what it can do for you if you are a gamer at heart check out the Asus TUF gaming video capture card review

Asus TUF Gaming Video Capture Card Review

Asus TUF Gaming Video Capture Card Review

The thing that sets the Asus TUF gaming video capture card apart from the rest is that it is an external device that you can plug into a regular Windows computer. This allows you to capture not only 1080p video but also high definition video as well. This makes it perfect for capturing in-game footage as well as off-site live-action footage.

Let's talk about capturing video though, and the Asus TUF does just that. It comes with two HDMI ports so that you can connect the card to your TV set, and also includes audio outputs that allow you to record audio as well as video. It includes two RCA connections as well, allowing you to view your recorded media on either your TV or your gaming computer monitor. It also includes built-in software that will allow you to quickly and easily convert your captured media into a variety of different formats such as AVI, MPG, WMV, MPEG, and others. There are even some other features that help the Asus TUF gaming video capture card be a useful tool to have around. For example, there is a very useful built-in scheduler that will allow you to save and restore your settings as needed.

This item weighs approximately three and a half pounds. It is made of high-quality metal alloy. That creates a sturdy feel to this device. The matte black monitor mount included with this unit is very sturdy and fits tightly into the PC cases with clamps. With the two RCA cables and the three-position stand on the bottom of the unit, this is an affordable way to capture video.

When it comes to gameplay, this device is designed to handle a variety of titles. It supports the latest version of the Microsoft Xbox Live Arcade. This means you will have the ability to play games on all the popular gaming platforms that are available today. The Asus TUF HD does include an HDMI port which allows it to support the new image processing technology for Blu-Ray players. This is one of the most important features of this capture card because it lets you take advantage of the many features of the new Blu-Ray technology. You can now watch your favorite movies on a huge TV screen, even if you have limited space in your home.

When you use your new Asus TUF HD as a laptop replacement, it includes the best capture card from the company. With its USB connection, it is also compatible with the Windows 8.1 operating system. There are many benefits to using a card with this manufacturer. This is especially true if you are a fan of the Asus computers. With the TUF HD and the Avermedia live gamer duo, you can enjoy the best quality of playing and capturing your games.


If you are thinking about buying a gaming PC, this is the card you should consider for both its portability and its high-quality video output. You can easily use your computer as a powerful gaming tool when you use the card in this unit. It also features a dual-band connection that ensures better performance while playing your games. It also comes with two RZR-X compressors that allow it to support the latest compression technology used by today's games.

The Asus RZR-X will give you an opportunity to experience the ultimate in graphics performance and recording software. With this item weight under 1.3 lbs, it is easy to carry around your gaming needs. It also gives you the best capture card available for laptops. This item weighs a mere 0.7lbs.

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