The Looms WiFi Extender is a new product from Netgear which is aimed at extending the reach of a laptop into the range of wireless internet for an outdoor computing environment. With the use of a laptop, you can access the internet wherever you go and this has become quite popular amongst employees who need to work from the road. This is particularly convenient if you travel a lot or even if you work from home. You will be able to stay connected with the office and still keep an internet connection to the web no matter where you are.

Loom Wifi Extender Review

Loom Wifi Extender Review

This is one of the many reasons why the Looms WiFi Extender works so well. The WiFi repeater is not designed specifically to boost your internet connection but it does that for other reasons. To start with, it will act as a point-to-point connector which means it will connect the computer and the wifi router through a USB port that is on the computer. This makes it possible for two computers to be sharing the same USB port, one to be using the normal WEP network and another one in the stable network mode. Once connected, all that is needed to use the computer is to press and hold the WPS button.

This is the one function that makes the Netgear WiFi Extender stand out from the others on the market. By pressing and holding the wps button, it starts and continues working as an external wifi repeater. It works with the intention of keeping the computer in an ideal condition so that the network it is connected to is as stable as possible. This was necessary as it was found that some external routers do not handle very strong signals.

Apart from the stable wifi signal booster, the Netgear WiFi Extender also offers another smart home function to help improve the overall performance of the internet connection. The mesh networking option is present in this device. This feature is most beneficial for the business houses that are in need of creating their own wireless networks inside their office. The smartphones would be used to connect to the router. However, the system would not be able to handle a good and steady internet signal without the help of the mesh network feature. Hence, the mesh network ensures that the signals would be strong enough and would be able to maintain a constant wifi range even if there is a fluctuation in the internet signal.

When there is an issue like a weak signal, the user does not have to worry as this feature handles it by getting the data from various other wifi devices on the network and transfers it to the computer. Since the device has such a smart home function, it can easily work on the conditions that it finds itself. There are certain areas in a town where there is a good signal but there are some areas where the signals get weaker. The Loom WiFi amplifier acts as a signal booster and helps in getting the strength of the signal maintained. It has a USB port that is used to upload the required software on the phone so that they can enjoy the service.

This is also a smart home device that comes with a variety of features. One of them is a repeater. The device comes with a repeater which can be used to fix the signal onto the wireless networks in different places. There are some instances where the signals are not strong enough and the user might have to use the Loom WiFi extender or the smartphone to get through the problem.

Another useful feature of the Loom WiFi amplifier is that it is a very smart tv saver. This means that the device will make sure that it sets the signal automatically when connected to a wifi network in order to save time for the user. The smart tv will make sure that there is no hassle when watching live TV on the internet. This means that one just need to connect the device to their television and they will be able to watch live TV on the internet without any hassle.


The Loom WiFi extender is one of the best wifi connection booster devices available in the market today. The device works with a great range extender which improves the range of the signals being received by the users. The device can be adjusted to provide different ranges depending upon the power of the signal which helps to cover different types of geographical areas effectively. The device is very effective and it has made it easier for people to use a common range extender for all their wireless phones.

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