So after having my iPad for some time now, I decided to do an iPad 9th gen review and write it. I've now owned an iPad mini for over a year and have had plenty of time to test out the new hardware and software. The short version is that the iPad mini has everything I need out of a tablet, but I find myself not using the iPad as much as I did before. So I have rounded up a few of my favorite iPad pro key features that I use most of the time on my iPad.

iPad 9th Gen Review

iPad 9th Gen Review

A big part of my iPad 9th gen review is the new design. I was very disappointed with the old design that came with the iPad. It was bulky and did not provide the comfortable grip many people like. However, the new iPad mini has rounded edges which provide a much more comfortable experience when holding it.

Another thing I like about the new design is the way that the battery holds a charge. I have a laptop and I always have to charge it while I'm in bed. The iPad mini has no such problems. I can leave it on overnight and come back to a fully functional screen. This is one of the reasons that I love the iPad mini.

The other big feature in my iPad 9th gen review is the new Camera Keyboard. The Camera Keyboard lets you quickly access your email, contacts, and any other app from your iPad. One of the main complaints about the iPad mini is that it lacks some of the functionality of the larger iPads like a better front-facing camera or a larger display. The Camera Key provides an easy way to access these apps from the iPad mini with a physical key on the iPad's home button.

It's hard to find a real pro about the iPad mini. The only real advantage is the better camera for taking high-quality pictures. However, I think the biggest weakness of the iPad mini compared to the larger tablets is that it's just not as powerful as the iPad pro. For example, in my 10.2-inch iPad 9th gen I can't download any apps at all from my Gmail account.

If you are looking for a smaller iPad with a huge screen then the iPad mini is definitely for you. But if you need a tablet that is powerful but also small and sleek, then you're probably best off checking out the new iPad Air 2. It's got a full HD screen, a lot of memory, a faster A13 Bionic processor, and the ability to expand the memory with a micro SD card. Plus, it's a little cheaper than the mini because it doesn't have all the neat iPad add-ons that the mini does. So if you want an iPad mini but don't want to spend as much money you should check out the new iPad mini.

But what about the big iPad? The big iPad has everything you would want from an iPad but with twice the screen. It runs on the same Apple A5 chip as the mini which means everything you'd expect from an iPad is included in the big iPad, but it also has a much bigger keyboard and better front-facing camera. You will also get a much longer battery life if you buy the bigger iPad mini. It has all the features of the smaller iPad such as a barcode scanner, a fast internet connection, a solid speaker bar, a headphone jack and an extremely comfortable keyboard.


So overall, the iPad mini is a great product. If you do not need the larger screen or the extra battery life then the mini is probably the right choice for you. Plus, there are tons of new iPad pros including the better front-facing camera and a bigger barcode scanner. But if you really want all these things and a lot more then the new iPad Pros will blow your mind. So if you're looking for an affordable tablet with all the bells and whistles, then you need to check out the new iPad mini.

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