I felt old at 54yrs because I couldn’t understand what people were telling me!

But the amazing Hearing Hero made me feel young again!

One day, my friend Andrew and I met up. He seemed so happy as he told me “My doctor gave me a new prescription for hearing aid. I know it’s a bit pricy, $7,000, but it’s ultra-modern so it’s worth the trouble”, Andrew said.

“Hmm, what kind is it?”, I asked.

“A quarter to twelve”, he replied.

My friend and I had the same problem. I’m only 54 years old, but the fact that I couldn’t understand what people were telling me made me go insane. People would tell me things and I couldn’t understand a single thing from what they said.

Every minute of my day had become pure frustration. It felt like my entire vocabulary compressed to only few words, “Sorry?”, “What?”, “Come again?”. Not only that, I had problems maintaining a fluid conversation and I started worrying that I was at risk of losing my job because I might make a mistake due to my hearing deficit.

Everyday at work co-workers, even my boss would tell me something and I would not have any clue about what they said. It was a guessing game for me.

You can hear people talk, but struggle to distinguish words. Or maybe, you have to turn the TV up so loud to hear. You reach maximum volume and you can finally understand what they say on TV, but everyone around you is getting their ears blasted and they tell you to turn down the volume. Driving became terrifying because you can’t hear horns or even worse, emergency vehicles.

Along with my hearing decline, depression and anxiety kicked off. I knew my wife and my kids didn’t want to hurt my feelings, but I saw them annoyed too. Every time they tried to tell me something they had to shout it in my ear. I started to feel hopeless and old, even though I’m only in my 50s.

I saw a lot of specialists from some very expensive facilities who did a bunch of tests. However, none of them could give me an answer.

I even got a bit suspicious about those doctors. My doctor scheduled a one-month trial for a really high-priced hearing aid that would cost me (ONLY) $11,000 once all the adjustments, changes and fittings are done. The user fee was going to be enormous because my insurance would only pay for a small amount of the cost.

To begin with, even after all the adjustments, fittings, changes, it was really uncomfortable to wear. The hearing aid kept coming loose and stopped working because the seal wasn’t that tight anymore. On the other hand, when it was tight in my ear like the specialist wanted, my own voice was super loud. I could never figure out whether I was shouting or not, because I always sounded really loud for myself. Most of the time people were thinking I’m intentionally screaming at them. This made me paranoid and added to the anxiety I felt.

The design was horrible, voluminous and displeasing. The battery didn’t last long either. The background noise was awful, I always had a ringing in my ear while wearing it. And let’s not talk about how my voice sounded like a broken robot.

However, nothing written above can be compared with what am I about to tell you. I couldn’t use my phone because of that $11,000 hearing aid. I couldn’t talk on phone at all. All I could hear was a really high pitched sound that covered anything else.

After this rollercoaster of experience with the “Luxury Hearing Aid” was over, I went back to my doctor and told him to send it back, I don’t want to buy it. He looked rather disappointed , I guess he was eager to get his $4,000 commision. Maybe next time, Doctor.

And of course Andrew also went back to his doctor with the $7,000 prescription hearing aid. It wasn’t working for him either.

My second meeting with Andrew was different. He was happy and energetic. We had a really interesting conversation. This time around I didn’t have to shout for him to hear and understand what I want to say. I spoke to him in a normal and low voice and he understood everything! Of course for me was the same old story, he had to shout into my ears so I could understand what he was saying.

At first I didn’t understand what is going on. What happened ? What changed ? Only a few moments later I realized . I looked again at his hear and saw it. Andrew was wearing a hearing device that was completely hidden from people’s sight, behind his ear. He told me it’s working perfectly. No bugging noises, long-life battery and it looked discreet! Impressive!!

Andrew told me about this new company that he recently discovered. It’s called Hearing Hero and their manufacturing is world class hearing aids at a scrap of the cost of prescription prototypes.

80% of the companies that make prescription hearing aids are big and old-school companies who only want money. They scam insurance companies , and you , the customer only to get more and more money. They just need something uninspired with a low-level engineering that they know will pass Medicare’s or other insurance tests. After that, they can boost up the price and rip you off.

However, not every company is the same. Hearing Hero was engineered and designed by a group of engineers who worked in aircraft industries and space. They teamed up with some factories that are on the leading-edge of superior small-scale electronics. Whether you are on a spaceship or a plane , Boeing 787 or a Space X capsule, you need good communication. Your headset needs to be loud and clear, isolate any unnecessary noise and make every word crystal clear. On this vast level of experience Hearing Hero stands.

And guess what, you don’t need a doctor’s prescription!

Here’s my experience with Hearing Hero

  1. Really comfortable. The earpiece fit my ear perfectly.
  2. The sound is crystal clear. Since I put it on, I completely gave up on phrases like “What?”, “Say again?”, “ Repeat please!”. That’s because Hearing Hero has integrated a proper DSP (Digital Signal Processing) that shapes and amplifies the sound to make up for the human declining hearing. It makes everything distinguishable and loud again!
  3. It has a really long-life battery. It took a really long time until the battery became weak. The warning indicator showed that to me and even then, I had more than enough time to recharge it
  4. I had no problems using my phone. No high-pitched noises, no shapes that go out of my ear. Finally I could use my phone like before.
  5. And a lot more things if you are a spec freak. Adjustable, multi-level DSP. High grade audio amp. Feedback reduction. Top of the line chips, microphones and speakers.

Hearing Hero is at a special low price this week!

Try Hearing Hero today and thank me tomorrow! Don’t waste your hard earned money on expensive, old-school technology that simply doesn’t work.

If you have any kind of hearing problem at all, try Hearing Hero! Since I bought Hearing Hero, I don’t feel insecure at work anymore. I can finally understand what everyone is telling me and I don’t feel like an old man anymore.

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