1More Comfobuds Pro Review

The 1More Comforts Pro review is filled with good news for people on a budget looking for a convenient, stylish way to make calls. This phone from 1More is a great phone in many ways. If you want a phone that will last a long time and also do the job of making calls while you're traveling, then this is your phone. Here's what we found.

1More Comfobuds Pro Review

FIVE STARS – Great sound quality, solid battery life, active noise cancellation, and impressive call clarity: the more Comfobuds Pro is a great affordable option to the Apple AirPods Pro, perfect for travelers. In fact, it's great for any time you might need some portable sound quality. You'll definitely be impressed by the sound quality of the more Comfobuds Pro. Here's what we found.

comfo buds 1 pro

A+ Rave Clean Earphones: If you look at most reviews of earbuds, you'll find that the ones from 1More are often praised for their sound quality, fit, and convenience. The earbuds fit perfectly into the ears and are very secure. They have excellent audio clarity, so you get clean music while you listen. Even though the build is plastic, the earbuds are not fragile at all, and they are extremely convenient to wear. When used in the car, they eliminate the need for bulky and expensive earbuds.

Battery Life

Six Hours of Battery Life: The Pro has a standard lithium-ion battery, which gives it a strong and capable of six hours. It lasts up to five hours on a single charge, which is surprisingly good given the other reviews of the product. So, while this pro has a powerful anc, it still has a long battery life to give you enough power to get through a long day at work or a marathon concert. It definitely makes running an enjoyable experience even without any music playing.


Fast playback: One thing that users like about the more compounds pro is its fast playback speed. When you play any sort of music, you want the music to start quickly and play smoothly. Unfortunately, the Pro didn't have any problem with its fast playback speed; in fact, it played and stopped the same as a CD player. That's pretty impressive, especially for an electronic device.

1More Comfobuds Pro Review

Bass Sound

Excellent bass: What really impresses us about the more Comfobuds Pro is the amazing bass sound it gives. Music lovers will appreciate its tight bass ancillary effects, such as treble boost, which lets you get that bass beat going much earlier than a regular earbud would be able to. Another great thing about the pro's bass effect is that it comes on immediately when you put your earbuds to your ears. That means you don't have to hold your breath and wait for the music to get a few beats deep. The bass doesn't fade away as it does on many earbuds that run out of batteries.

Sound Quality

Excellent sound quality: Not only did we find an excellent sound quality, but the sound quality on the more Comfobuds Pro Review is better than most cans I've ever had. It sounds more natural and pleasing than most cans I've tried. When we talked about sound quality, we both agreed that it was very close to being perfect. It has the best sound quality we've ever heard from a wireless earbud; not just good, but excellent. Even when songs were played at full volume, they still had that rich sound quality that you get from truly wireless earphones.


Comfortable fit: One of the things I love about these earbuds is how comfortable they are. They sit deep into your ears, rather than being placed over them as many other earbuds do. This means they stay where your ears go, instead of being forced out by your head or by gravity. While this feature can be a little annoying at times (such as when you're going to a crowded area), it's definitely worth the trade-off for such amazing sound quality. You'll also love how easy they are to use – simply touch controls on the outside of the earbuds stick right into your ears, meaning you won't have to fiddle with a remote control while wearing your headphones.

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