The latest technology in wireless technology, especially for headphones, is the Xtreme Aero Sport wireless earbuds from DJX. The new “sports” type of headphones has a neat-looking ear hook, and they look like sport headphones. They are very comfortable to wear because they fit comfortably around your ears, and they're sealed against outside noises. The rechargeable batteries in these headphones have an incredibly long warranty, so you don't need to worry about losing money on replacements. One nice feature about the Xtreme Aero Sport wireless earbuds is that they support Airplay, which means you can wirelessly stream music from your Apple iPad or iPhone to your headphones without wires.

Xtreme Aero Sport Wireless Earbuds

Xtreme Aero Sport Wireless Earbuds

The new Xtreme True Wireless Sport headphones are equipped with the latest in technology, including advanced noise-canceling earbud cushions, and they're also equipped with a charging system that lets you easily change out batteries with a simple twist of a wrench. While the cable that connects the electric iPod adapter to the earbuds may look flimsy, it isn't. This makes it easy to switch out the electric iPod adapter for the earbuds when you get tired of listening to that stale song on your boring commute to work. You also won't have to worry about running out of charge while you're on the go.

One great aspect of the Xtreme True Wireless earbuds is that they use the new Bluetooth technology with Bluetooth-enabled iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Even if you don't have one of these devices connected to your laptop or cell phone, you can still connect your iPod to your car stereo with your JBL powered Bluetooth headphones. You'll still be able to enjoy your tunes without having to carry around your phone or some other portable device. Once again it is easy to bring your music with you on the go.

One thing to note about the Xtreme True Wireless earbuds is that they aren't designed to be used with your hands-free model of car remote. However, the wireless earbud cushions make it very easy to use your hands-free device even though the remote may be controlled with your mouth. That way you won't need to fumble with the controls of your car stereo. The earbuds are also very comfortable to wear, as well.

The Xtreme True Wireless earbuds are reasonably priced, and they are available on many different websites on the internet. Most of the sites that sell these products offer free shipping, so they are a cost-effective choice. Some of the online stores that sell these products even offer a free two-week user's special, if you buy a pair of Bluetooth headphones. That means that a customer can get his money back if he isn't completely satisfied. The customer can send back the product if the instructions are not followed, too.

If you want to make sure that you always have your Bluetooth devices readily available, but you don't want to look like a weirdo, you should consider purchasing an extra battery for your wireless earbuds. These extra batteries come in handy for situations where you need to have your music playing as soon as possible. They also come in handy for situations where you need to charge up your battery on something like your cell phone. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a new pair of wireless earbuds, you can simply buy an extra battery for your devices. You'll be thankful when you can't play your favorite song because you left your Bluetooth devices plugged into the wall!

If you are a serious DJ or musical enthusiast, you know that having great headphones and wireless earbuds is only half of the battle. A good DJ needs great equipment, too, to run his show. For those who are considering purchasing this equipment, you'll definitely want to take a close look at the Xtreme True Wireless stereo lineup. Some wireless items are more stylish than they are effective. This is definitely not one of them.


If you want something that is both sleek and comfortable and that you can use with any kind of music player, then the Xtreme True Wireless Earbuds is the item for you. If you need a good set of headphones that won't make you want to constantly take them out and replace them with new ones, then the Xtreme venom Bluetooth earbuds manual is for you. Even if you are not interested in changing your headphones, you will find that the Xtreme venom Bluetooth earbuds manual will help you improve your current set. In addition, it is compatible with most types of MP3 players.

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