The Wemo Wi-fi smart outdoor plug enables you to control all your electronic devices from your outdoor smartphone or tablet. The Wi-fi smart plug utilizes your existing home Wi-fi network to offer wireless connectivity of fans, lamps, knobs, lights – with absolutely no dedicated wired connection needed. Simply plug a device into the plug, use the Wemo app to control your device with your voice, or by speaking with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. The free Wemo Mobile app offers fast, secure, and easy access to your devices when out of the house is safe, public areas such as at the gym or public pool.

Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Outdoor Plug Review

The free Wemo wifi smart outdoor plug gives you the flexibility to set schedules and control two devices together from anywhere using the built-in 2-ways. Simply put your tablet on a table or stand, draw a card, write down contacts, make a call – whatever you need to do, you can do it. You can view upcoming schedules for your calendar or upcoming events. The built-in infrared port also allows you to control outdoor lighting and cameras from anywhere with a clear vision, using the free wemo mobile app.

Set up to five personalized alarm schedules for your outdoor lights, weather-resistant outlets, cameras, etc. When one of your lights goes off, you will immediately know which light just went out. The built-in We Mo Weatherproof Bluetooth Wireless Garage Door Opener is perfect for any holiday season whether you want to keep your car inside during the holidays or enjoy the outdoors all year round.

The total smart control over your devices is made even better with the We Mo WiFi Smart Wireless Plug. You can use the free We Mo WiFi Smartplug app to control your garage door, lights, weather-resistant outlets, cameras, remotely control DVRs, and more. You can even use your voice using the free We Mo WiFi Smart Outdoor plug. The built-in infrared port lets you control outdoor lighting and cameras from anywhere with a clear vision, using the free wemo mobile app.

A very unique feature of this plug is its weather resistance. This plug offers two ways of communication with the free We Mo WiFi Smart Outdoor plug. You can control all your devices without any interference. If you go out in the rain, you can still control everything from your smartphone without missing a beat. Just make sure that your smartphone has support for internet protocols i.e. EDGE or GPRS.

The We Mo WiFi smart outdoor plug offers fast and secure data transfer with a Gfci outlet. With this plug, you can transfer videos, photos, images, etc. to your smartphone to enjoy video playback on the move. If you are using your smartphone as a camcorder, you need a fast connection with gfci outlet. With the support of the free We Mo WiFi Smart Outdoor Plug, you can easily enjoy video playback on your smartphone wherever you go.

You can also control your home appliances such as lights, appliances, air conditioners, heaters and others using the free We Mo WiFi Smart Outdoor Connector app. For instance, if your bedroom is too dim, you can brighten it up with one of the many light options available in the app. If you are looking for ideal automation settings, you can use the voice recognition intelligent system of the We Mo WiFi smart outdoor plug. With the help of this intelligent system, you will be able to set different lighting levels and automatically turn them on when you leave the room or even automatically change the temperature.

Final Verdict

This is a great gift idea that can ensure the safety of your home and family. By using the app, you can schedule lights to turn on at a specific time so that you don't have to manually switch them on. This will help you avoid mishaps such as jumping of curtains, breakage of mirrors and glass surfaces. Moreover, with the We Mo WiFi smart outdoor plug, you can control all your devices including lights, appliances, air conditioning and others to ensure the safety of your home while enjoying holidays on the move.

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