The first thing that you should know about this product is that it belongs to the category of evaporative cooling. It has two ducts that are situated on the outside of the unit. This is something that is especially designed for use in cooling large rooms. This is the second thing that you should know about this unit.

Serenelife Portable Air Conditioner Review

On top of the Serenelife Portable AC, you also get a built-in dehumidifier, fan modes, remote control, and a complete window mount exhaust system. The first thing that you need to know about this is that it comes in different sizes. It runs at 1500 watts and can cool down your house from a comfortable level for you to enjoy to a very hot level. From there, the fan will cool off the rest of the room while the exhaust system takes in all of the smells that are left from the cooling unit and sends them out through the vents.

Serenelife Portable Air Conditioner Review

The third thing that you should know about this is that you can expect to have it run just about forever. This is because it is one of the highest quality portable ac that you can buy. It lasts for the life of your air conditioning unit and is made to be durable. Furthermore, it will only get replaced every three or four years. You won't have to worry about changing it out because it is made to last for many years and still be in top condition.

Another great thing about the Serenelife portable air Conditioner is that it has been tested and the results that they came up with were very impressive. They were able to get the highest temperatures that they needed in just a matter of seconds. This was one of the main key features that they had to have so that they could keep a room cool in a matter of seconds. If you want the fastest possible temperature change, then you are going to want to make sure that you take a look at these two features.

The other feature that you should know about this is that it runs a bit more expensive than some of the other options out there. However, it has three key features that you can benefit from, a large square feet of cooling area, a humidifier, and the ability to run on a dual compressor. If you live in a small house that doesn't have a lot of space and you need to cool down a large room, or a large office building, this is the way to go.

The Serenelife Portable Air Conditioner has two different styles that you can get, depending on what you are looking for. There are portable models and also the stand and window style that is easier to move around. You are also going to be able to find them in many different sizes. It is good if you find one that is going to fit your window properly because that will ensure that you get the most cooling power for the amount of space that it is in. This is one of the key features rolling wheels can provide. These are the wheels that are going to help you with easy portability, especially when you are looking to move it from place to place.

The other great thing about the Serenelife portable air conditioner that you are looking at is the fact that it comes with both a condensing and dehumidifier. A condensing one is going to remove steam and humidity from the air in a faster and more efficient way than the dehumidifier. This is important because of the numerous allergens and pollutants that we are exposed to on a daily basis and the fact that they just take up more space and take up more energy to run than the dehumidifier. This is why it is important to get a unit that is going to do both jobs in a great and efficient manner. This is how you will be able to keep all of your allergens and pollutants out of your home while at the same time keeping your floors nice and dry and clean.

The other great feature that the Serenelife portable air conditioner has to offer is the fact that it comes with both a booster and a preheater. The booster is what helps to boost the cooling power as well as provide some conditioning to make sure that you are getting the most out of the cooling process that the unit is doing. It also comes with a fan that will help blow cool air through the house, but this is not something that many people would necessarily recommend. There were a few negative reviews said about this part of the machine, but they do seem to be from people that had a bad experience with the company. The fan is something that is pretty reliable however and if people have not had much success with the coolers and fans then this might not be something that you need in your home.

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