You have probably seen some of the many Patriot Power Bank review websites on the Internet that are all positive about the product. But did you also know that a majority of the reviews on the Internet are actually written by the manufacturers themselves? That is right; the company that makes the product is allowed to write the reviews for their own benefit and they rarely, if ever, review how well the product actually works.

Patriot Solar Power Bank Review

This article will show you exactly why this happens and give you an honest review of the new solar power bank from patriots. Many of us have doubts about how well things work when we buy products online without reading what others have said about them. It is not uncommon to read many a Patriot Power Bank review and be left with mixed feelings about the product. Let's just get right into it and find out how this portable solar power bank really works.

Patriot Solar Power Bank Review

The manufacturer of the Patriot power bank explains a little bit about how the charging/powering system works. What happens is the sun's energy is converted into electric which is then sent to the battery charger. Then the battery charger converts the electric to AC power that can be used to charge the batteries. Now let me stop right here; do I believe that the sun's energy is being converted into AC? No, I don't believe that is the case. I think it is more likely that the company that manufactures the solar panel's power cells has some sort of arrangement that allows them to charge the batteries using the sun's energy without having to use the conventional battery chargers.

The charging and the power cell itself are very durable. It is made out of a solid beryllium copper (which is an uncommon metal, but extremely heavy). This beryllium copper is also extremely powerful when converting the power of the sun into AC voltage. So, it does not take long for this charging and power cell assembly to charge a significant amount of batteries. The battery is also designed so that a large number of cells in the assembly allow for overcharging and subsequent recharging. This means you can go from a dead battery to being up and running again in less than an hour.

Another nice thing about the Patriot power cells is that it also provides a secondary charging capability. You can actually power up the electronic devices in your RV or motorhome using these charging systems. It takes about four or five hours to charge these batteries completely. That is plenty of time to go from sleeping on the ground to charging your electronic devices and play those videos that you recorded last night. And, believe me, if you have a camera, you will want to make sure you have charged those batteries as well! The fact that the charging and power systems are detachable makes them very convenient to use.

One of the things I really like about the Patriot power cells is that they are fully compatible with the newest generation of solar chargers. These solar chargers have a much longer range and can go even further from your vehicle due to the extra-long DC cable. When you install a solar charger with a Patriot Power Bank, the cables that run from the solar charger to the battery are concealed within the fiberglass body of the case. This allows you to keep the panel clean and free of clutter, while still allowing the cables to connect to the batteries. So, no more messy hookups for your cordless phone, iPod, or even your Nintendo!

You should be able to purchase a solar charger solar power bank that has the capacity to charge your Patriot Power Bank batteries for up to forty hours without needing a backup generator. Also, many of the newer models have much longer warranties and are designed to handle much more overall energy than older units. Even if your vehicle only produces half of the energy it used to, you should be able to get over two hundred hours of recharging. In addition to this, if you plan on using your power cell in conjunction with a DC converter, you should be able to purchase a kit that will allow you to connect your power cell to your vehicle's battery as well as to an inverter. The inverter will convert the DC current from your solar power cell into AC current so that you will have enough power to charge your batteries.

With a solar charger, you should be able to use your vehicle's battery for more than six times longer than it did before. If you only charge your batteries up to six times, you will never be able to charge to full and you will always run at a loss. However, if you store your charger at a high enough level, you should be able to get close to ten hours of continuous use from a large battery. These are just some of the reasons why I love having a Patriot Power Bank charging unit in my car!

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