Sophisticated to Simplify Wireless Charging – Mophie's wireless charging stand plus is the perfect solution that enables you to charge all your go-to portable devices simultaneously without getting hung up on multiple cables. The wireless charging station features two wireless charging stations. Plus, the handy USB-A port allows you to easily charge another, a wired electronic device such as your iPod or other mobile wearables simultaneously. In addition to charging multiple items at once, the built-in Apple Watch holder simplifies charging your watch by just pushing the watch into the device's charging dock. This innovative dock also doubles as a charging station for your iPod or iPhone when it is not being used.

Mophie Wireless Charging Stand Plus Review

Mophie Wireless Charging Stand Plus Review

Dual Fast Charge Capability – The mophie wireless charging station is equipped with two charging pads. One is capable of charging multiple devices concurrently while the second can charge your devices quickly. A USB charging port allows the second pad to be used simultaneously with the iPhone or iPod. This ensures you get fast, convenient and even charged wireless chargers.

Android Compatibility – The mophie charging station is compatible with all modern smartphones and android phones. Even the older versions of these gadgets are compatible with the mophie wireless charging stand plus. With the increasing popularity of android phones and smartphones, it is no wonder that android users prefer wireless chargers. With the mophie charging station, you get to enjoy all the benefits of a charging pad while wirelessly charging your android phones. The stand has been designed with a universal voltage input so it can be used on most android phones.

Speakers and Mouthpiece Included – A mouthpiece is also included in the package along with the wireless charger. This is useful especially if you will be charging your phone while you are watching a movie. The mouthpiece lets you charge your phone without having to take it out of its case. The touchstone charging stand also comes with an optional back pack which can be used to keep your device secure while it charges. The included speakers allow you to watch music from your favorite mobile phone or internet radio without holding it which makes it very convenient.

Three Options Available – The mophie wireless charging stand has three charging options, which makes it more flexible to cater to different users. It is suitable for charging the iPod or iPhone and the HTC Evo. Additionally, it also accommodates the LG Optimusator, Blackberry Storm and Sony Ericsson XPERIA Mini Pro. This makes it a good option if you want something that can charge all three devices at the same time. For those who use the included oneplus 9 wireless phones, this is perfect as it allows you to charge the phone while it is sitting on the tray. This allows you to keep using your phone while it is being charged.

Combining Style With Quality

One thing that really stands out about the mophie wireless charging stand is how well it combines style with quality. For example, it has a sleek metal design that blends well with the phone. Furthermore, you would never know that a device is a charging unit unless you open up the packaging. Also, it includes a metal clip that allows you to easily attach the phone to the base. It is made from strong and durable materials, making it ideal for those who use their phones often.

Accommodates All Your Accessories – Another reason this product is an excellent choice is that it can be used with most accessories including wired headphones, chargers and other items. Even if you do not use these items often, it is nice to be able to use them without having to carry them around. Furthermore, most people find that the included oneplus 9 wireless phone cases provide enough protection so that they do not have to be worried about scratches or bumps. The mophie often charges your phone faster than you ever thought possible. Many reviewers say that it takes only a few minutes to charge their phones and they do not experience any overages until they have it plugged in for the night.


For those of you out there looking for a great wireless charger that has quality, style and can charge your phones quickly, the mophie wireless charging stand plus is a good choice. It has all of these things and more. Furthermore, it comes with a free gift when you buy it. To find out more about this amazing product, check out the link below. You will see some great reviews and also where you can buy it from.

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