The Govee Smart Plug is a versatile appliance. Easily charge your electrical appliances off the go with the Govee Home App. Simply plugin and voila! Your appliances are charged and ready to go. With the Govee App, you can even charge your phone at the same time. Voice Control With the Govee App, use simple voice commands for your devices with Amazon or Alexa.

Govee Smart plug Review

Govee Smart Plug Review

The design of this innovative app makes for a very pleasing product. The ease of use is very good. However, the uniqueness of this product makes it stand out from the crowd. I have always hated typical plugs that required a wire to get power to my home appliances. The Govee smart voice control allows me to not touch the power button and instead only allow Alexa to do so.

This is especially great for someone like me who travels a lot and needs to charge many devices. I simply plug in the outlet the outlets that my devices need and then I leave them until I arrive at my destination. The 10a outlet is perfect for both Govee App Store and the voice control. I love the fact that I can have multiple smart plugs at any given time. It also makes it much easier to navigate the screen when I receive the news or another text message from my smartphone.

I am a big fan of simple voice commands. I love that I can allow my kids to make calls from my smartphone while I am away. I also love that I can play music from my smartphone through the built in speakers. I use my Govee Smartplug with the Vera Busch Indicator, Vera Busch Subscriber Identification Key, Vera Connect, and the Google Homekit. All of these accessories help me streamline my home entertainment and allow me to maximize my entertainment options.

What sets the Govee Smart Plug apart from other intelligent home appliances is the ability to add my Google+ friends to my voice control list. It automatically adds them. Once they are added, my Govee will remember their names and send me a text message every time my phone is charging, using my Google+ account. This process is incredibly easy. I simply download the free Google+ app, register my Google account, add my friends, and then I can start controlling my home appliances with my voice.

Another innovative feature of the Govee Smart Plug is the scene function. The scene function is located on the top left corner of the display. This simple feature allows me to set specific activities that will trigger when certain buttons are pressed. For example, if I want to play some music, but not watch TV, I simply tap the “play with scene” button. The scene functions make using my Govee Smart plug even easier!

Aside from the scenes and music features, the Govee smart plug also has four other lights that change colors and flash at various times. At night, when the lights turn on, it becomes very cool to see the lights of the house illuminating. I especially love how the white daytime light makes me feel cozy while watching the news in the evening. At times, I simply want to see what's going on but I don't want to get up and go outside just yet.

Final Verdict

When I am done working on my laptop, the Govee will recognize it and I can easily turn it off without getting up. The convenience and safety of the Govee Smart plug are unbeatable. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to make their home safer. If you are looking for a security system that can turn on automatically, turn off at specified times and light up at night, then I would highly recommend the Govee smart plug!

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