Google's new smartphone Google Pixel 6 Pro could easily find its way into the line of good smartphones in a few months. Right now, it looks like the company is sticking with its established formula. Even the new smartphones that have been announced so far are offering great features for an affordable price. The biggest change we can expect from the next generation of smartphones though is the increased flexibility in terms of Android apps and Google integration. If you're waiting for Google to make a giant mistake, you're waiting for this one for sure.

Google may be interested in taking the fight to the bigger competitors and going back to the high-end segment again. In that case, if rumours are to be believed, the next smartphone that will come out from Google might be equipped with a fingerprint scanner. This would allow users to unlock their phones with a little biometric verification. If Google intends to introduce a totally foldable smartphone sometime next year, the company may just hold its horses until then, and all the more reason to stay away from the Google Pixel 6 and its rivals. If Google intends to launch a really advanced smartphone though, it may simply introduce a smartphone with a lot more features than its competitors.

Google Pixel 6 Pro leak

Latest Google Pixel 6 Pro Leak

One such feature that we're expecting from the Google Pixel 6 Pro is that of a much improved triple camera setup. It's no secret that the company has been working hard on improving its product quality and that may be why we've been seeing a lot of leaks about the new design. We can also expect something that's more powerful than the triple -camera system seen on last year's Google smartphone – possibly a 12.2MP camera lens. The lens would obviously be able to take better photos than the eight mega-pixels one found on the Google smartphone.

Apart from the camera lens, we can also look forward to a better design when it comes to the Android interface and the overall user experience. Right now, many people are complaining about the minimalism of the current Google interface. Even those who have installed the latest beta version of Android can't make out the different icons and menus. According to a few tweets, the Google Pixel 6 will run on a new “stock” version of Android 12, which means we might finally see an overhaul of the current user interface.

Aside from the new base model, some rumours suggest that the Google Pixel 6 will come with two additional models: a standard and a pro variant. If this is the case, we might also see a new or updated camera bar. This camera bar will replace the existing one found on the Google smartphone. It's said to have a higher resolution and fatter pixel, as compared to the current model. The leaked Google pixel 6 leak also suggests a bigger battery and Quick Battery Life, allowing you to enjoy more than ten hours of video playback without using the power. Other alleged specs include a larger colour display, optical zoom, and a holo finger scanner for dialling up.

If these rumours are true, we can expect to see some major overhauls when it comes to Google's current smartphones. One such change is the absence of the standard camera bar on any Google phone. The biggest reason behind this is the high degree of attention, the new phones will get from customers. Many people would rather buy a new handset based on its camera set, especially if they are serious photographers. And so, if we look at the Google Pixel 6 to leaks and rumours, it is quite possible that the company is gearing up to launch two new phones this year, namely the xl and xs models.

The Google Pixel 6 to leak also suggests an enhanced version of the existing phone, which could be called the xs. It has been revealed in one of the leak's sources that the smaller unit will come equipped with the exact same features as the larger one but with 6.71 inches 120 Hz AMOLED display, along with all the same features like the triple camera and the new colour laser zoom. These rumours claim that the pixel will come with 128GB of internal storage. This means that the new phone will be able to take more pictures, as well as store them more efficiently. Other rumours have it that the resolution of the device might go up from the present iPhone's level, to help it compete with other smartphone devices.

Final Thoughts

With the existence of all these rumours, it is not surprising to see a number of speculations flying around about the release date, as well as about the actual features of the device. The best way to find out the truth, however, is by paying close attention to Google's leaks, as well as to the various leaks that accompany any major event or product launch. Keep track of all the latest news about the Google Pixel 6 and other Google products, as they will surely start appearing in the months leading up to its official release date. In the meantime, make sure to keep yourself abreast with all the Google rumours as they will most probably turn out to be true sooner or later.

Google’s latest phone, the Pixel 6 Pro has been leaked and rumours are going wild. The leak features a new design with more screen space for viewing content and an updated camera that will supposedly take better photos in low light. However, it is not clear whether or not these leaks are authentic as there have been other times when they were proven to be false. We want to know your opinion on this! What do you think about the newest rumour? Would you buy one if it was released tomorrow? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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