Garmin Descent mk2i quickly to fame and quickly left its all competing competitors behind in their own dust. The first Garmin descend was the original Forex Travel Pro. For those who have tried the Pro, it is easy to see why it is so popular. Not only does it keep accurate time during your travels but it also has numerous other useful features such as route planning and route mapping. What is more, it can integrate with multiple GPS devices including TomTom, Magellan, and TomTom.

Garmin Descent Mk2i Review

Garmin Descent Mk2i has upped the ante with their descending series. The first model of the descending series was the Garmin dominion Gemini. This product sets the standard for all GPS dive centers. However, the new Descent mk2i models are better than the originals. First off the new Garmin descents have superior battery power, even going through a charge as fast as nine hours. It now also has air compatibility, allowing you to use a transmitter and receiver from either land or sea, and both transmitters are supported by the in-dash handheld devices.

Garmin Descent Mk2i Review

One of the most useful upgrades of the Garmin Descent Mk2i is the ability to change between manual and automatic settings with a simple touch of a button. This is especially helpful when you are underwater and need to move from your swimming mode to a dive mode, and back again. In addition to the change of modes the Garmin dive machine also now has an in-dash touch screen that makes access to the various features even easier.

The most exciting feature of this new model is probably the Oceanic Master. This software allows you to view the depth and color information of any body of water you are diving in. You can also monitor your progress graphically through the touch screen, and it includes a number of entertaining apps such as Scuba Bingo, a sport that was inspired by the game show “The Price is Right.” Other apps include Marine Tracker, which is a great app for anyone interested in tracking marine mammals. You can also keep track of your diving equipment by logging the weight and size of each of the items used in your dives.

The Garmin dive computer on the Garmin descents also has some impressive features. The first is the ability to keep a regular bank in place, so you do not have to reposition the screen to check on the depth. Another great feature is the ability to hold two banks at once if necessary. In addition, the touch screen has been enhanced in order to give divers a more comfortable and intuitive experience.

Unlike the original version of the Garmin descendent, the new model offers many more useful features. Features such as a digital compass with a backlight allow you to read the depth of the water while you are underwater, even when you are above the surface. This is an extremely useful function, particularly if you are a beginner diver who is unsure whether he or she is swimming in the right area.

In addition to the large display screen, the Garmin descent Mk2i also offers a number of other useful options. One of these is the ability to view the pressure at which you are breathing in water. This makes it much easier for novice divers to learn how to conserve their energy, as breathing in and out of the water at the right pressures can be difficult for a first-timer. Another useful feature is the In-Reach Timer, which allows you to set a time limit on when you would like the LCD to show. This makes diving safe and easy, as you know that if you don't resurface in the designated time you will automatically return to the surface.

Final Verdict

The Garmin Diving Smartwatch is designed to help everyone from novice divers to experienced ones make the most of their experiences at sea. Even those who have never taken a dive before will find the monitor and the fitness tracker easy to use, with all the information at hand when they hit the water. You can track your calories burned, heart rate, distance covered, the number of dives you have completed and more. This is the perfect fitness tool for anyone wanting to dive while on holiday and for those who are just starting out, who are interested in improving their skills.

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