Burst Audio Review

Burst Audio produces some of the most high-quality earbuds on the market. This company has been around for a while and makes high-quality products at affordable prices. They offer many great features, such as their patented burst audio sound technology which provides an unparalleled listening experience to listeners of all ages.

Burst Audio Wireless Earbud FeaturesBurst Audio Wireless Earbud Sound QualityBurst Audio Wireless Earbud PriceBurst Audio Wireless Earbud Battery Life
Water and Sweat ProofBluetooth Technology $68.994-7 hours
HD Calling CapabilitiesSuperior ConnectivityMoney-Back Satisfaction Guarantee2000mah Power Bank Included
Instant Connect TechnologyAdaptive Frequency 60 Day GuaranteeCharging Case Included

Read on for a full review of the Burst Audio Wireless Earbuds. We will discuss some of the features, from battery life to sound quality, and more, that make Burst Audio’s Wireless Earbuds some of the best on the market. Additionally, we will look at what sets Burst Audio apart from other competitors on the market.

A Review of Burst Audio

Burst Audio is a revolutionary new wireless headphone technology company that wants to make your Bluetooth experience incomparable.

Burst Audio is a company committed to creating audio equipment for all types of listening environments, from noisy offices or louder airports to quiet homes and coffee shops. This innovative philosophy has led burstaudio.com's development team to create some of the most comfortable and high-quality earbuds on the market today.

Unlike other companies who rely exclusively on sound engineering know-how, Burst Audio also focuses heavily on comfort so they can ensure their products will be enjoyable for hours at a time without any discomfort whatsoever.

A Burst Audio’s Wireless Earbuds Review

The burst audio earbuds use a patented burst audio sound technology that provides an unparalleled listening experience to listeners of all ages. This innovative design includes three significant innovations that will make your wireless headphone experience more powerful, richer, and enjoyable than ever before: 

  • The patent-pending burst acoustic chamber with multiple speakers in each earpiece.
  • Adaptive frequency response changes based on where you're using them (i.e., outdoors vs. indoors).
  • The ability for dual users to personalize their sound profiles while retaining one device; four) new generation Bluetooth connection from our proprietary headset company, Phorus. 

These features work together seamlessly so that wearers can enjoy music at its authentic best possible quality as if they were actually in the studio with their favorite artist. Each earpiece is made up of technology that includes multiple speakers to produce sound more accurately and powerfully than other headphones on the market. 

The adaptive frequency response changes depending on where you're using them. If the music sounds different outside versus inside your house, they'll automatically adjust themselves to provide a better listening experience in both locations.

Dual users can personalize their sound profiles while retaining one device without interrupting either person's ability to use it. Users can switch between two tracks at any given time from just one headphone system – a new generation of headphones that are designed with the open office in mind.

Reviewing the Burst Audio Wireless Earbud Pricing

Burst Audio Wireless Earbuds are priced at $68.99 and can be purchased from their website, burstaudio.com. They also offer a 30-day trial period in which you have the opportunity to test them out before making your purchase decision, as well as flexible payment plans that don't require any interest or credit check.

If you're looking for high-quality headphones with all of the bells and whistles, burst audio is perfect for those who want top-notch technology without having to break the bank!

Using Burst Audio Wireless Earbuds

It takes just a few minutes to connect the Burst Audio headphones with your phone, including turning on the active sound cancellation that makes it feel like you are in your private noise vacuum. 

After playing audio through Burst Audio, you may be likely to get a phone call that interrupts your music. Burst Audio wireless earbuds have HD Calling capabilities. With this new feature, calls can now reach high frequencies with a natural sound.

Burst Audio Wireless Earbud Battery Life

You can have the Burst Audio buds in your ears for 4 hours, and when you check the battery on your earbuds, they will likely still have 50% left. That's double the time of most earphone brands! 

It also has a charging case that could charge your phone if you forget to bring a power bank with you somewhere. Now, not everybody can buy them at full price, but these are worth every penny if you ever find yourself without any headphones or traveling far from home.

The included 2000mah power bank offers the perfect balance of power and portability because it can both charge your earbuds AND iPhone!

Burst Audio's Quality Guarantee

Burst Audio successfully provides an easy way to get connected with your Bluetooth device. By using Instant Connect Technology, you'll be able to hear audio of cinematic quality when outside on a busy street. Burst Audio has received many awards in the field of sound engineering which makes their products worth checking out.

The Burst Audio Wireless Earbud's lithium-ion battery technology enables them to maintain a charge well over five hours, more than double the battery life of comparable earbuds.

Burst Audio's Satisfaction Guarantee

Burst Audio offers buyers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, which means that we will either provide an exchange or a full refund if you don’t like your purchase. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, Burst Audio will issue an immediate refund on all items. Avoid cheaper products that don't work or over-priced ones and buy with confidence! They offer a full 60-Day Guarantee. 

Burst Audio Sound Quality

These earbuds use an instant connect Bluetooth mode, that will immediately connect to your smartphone or other devices. They also protect against water and sweat! The waterproof aspect of these earbuds is ideal for those who use earbuds during exercise or strenuous outdoor activities.

Burstaudio.com is a website that promotes the best quality sound of earbuds and headphones, as they are superior and good-quality ergonomic earbuds. Each piece is designed to sit securely in your ear without the chance of it falling out.

The noise-canceling was impressive, but once you play music, you will be truly blown away. These earbuds produce an even better sound experience than a surround system. The sound is just as crisp, clear as well as deep and thick.

These earbuds offer an excellent price point compared to the quality included in this audio package. These earbuds make great gifts as well, meaning you’ll want to share them with family members, so act quickly while they are still available!

Purchasing Burst Audio Wireless Earbuds

Burst Audio provides a quick and easy purchasing process. To prevent any problems with the product, they only sell from their website at the lowest price possible. If for some reason, you're not satisfied with your purchase within 60 days after delivery, they provide a 100% refund with no hassle whatsoever. 

There are also different plans available that allow you to test out their products and see if it's right for your needs before deciding to buy anything. You can try the Burst Audio Earbuds for thirty days before purchasing them, and if you aren’t satisfied, receive a full refund.

What Sets Burst Audio Apart From the Competitors?

Not all wireless earbuds are made the same. There are thousands of brands on the market that vary in price, sound quality, battery life, and other features. It can be overwhelming trying to choose which types to try out when you first get them.

Most electronic devices don't hold a decent battery life, don't stay in your ears while you workout, have awful sound quality, or fail to work after getting wet. Burst Audio’s Wireless Earbuds offer a different experience than most other earbuds on the market. You’ll find that they surpass the standards set by other headphones, and then some.

The folks at Burst Audio welcome everyone who wants to experience a new way of listening to music with their wireless headphone that slaps deep Bass, is a comfortable fit in your ear, waterproof, intelligent touch control, and has smart noise cancellation.


Burst Audio is the best company for wireless earbuds. The patented burst audio sound technology provides an unparalleled listening experience to all listeners of any age. They have many other great features worth checking out as well! Their products can be purchased on their website, burstaudio.com, for $68.99 (plus tax).

They also offer a 30-day trial period with no risk involved, so you can try them before purchasing them if need be – which we recommend because these headphones really do live up to our expectations and then some! 

If you are looking for a reliable pair of high-quality, affordable headphones or earbuds, then we recommend checking out their products! As well as being dependable, they also offer many great features, such as their patented burst audio sound technology which provides an unparalleled listening experience. 

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