After reading many Brostrend WiFi Extender reviews I think I'm in a position to present a Brostrend AC 1200 WiFi Booter review. This is actually the latest model of the WiFi routers from Brostend. The WiFi routers come with two different configurations, the built-in and the wireless. In this WiFi Booster review, I hope to compare the features of this router with other routers. The main feature that I will be looking at will be the compatibility of the WiFi adapters. Many of the other WiFi routers available in the market don't have this compatibility.

Brostrend WiFi Extender Review

Brostrend WiFi Extender Review

As soon as you connect the Brostrend router into the computer there should be a green light and then a red light indicating if the network connection is ready. If there is no signal LED lit up then you need to update the firmware. You have three options to choose from, WPS, Networking (pre-paid) and PCMCIA cards. You can connect this device with most of the computers available in the market including desktop, laptop and netbook.

There is a solid blue LED light on the front of the modem which gives the users an indication if the connection or connectivity is working. It has a battery door with a black logo on it. The side of the modem is made up of smooth plastic where you can see the WPA pre-paid slot. The USB ports are placed in a backplate at the bottom of the unit.

When you connect this router to the computer there is a click sound and then the WPS button gets turned on. The WPS button enables the user to set the connection to wireless mode. When the WPS button is pressed, the light goes solid blue then turns it solid blue when power enters the port. This enables the users to see that the WPS button is working properly.

There is a flap on the top of the router to enable it to support the memory card. The card can be inserted into the USB port. In some models, the WPS button also gets turned on when the power enters the port. This feature of the bro's trend ac 750 extender reviews helps in checking whether the router is compatible with the computer. In most cases, the WPS button is functional in any of the branded computer brands.

The solid blue LED light glows bright while the WPS button is pressed. When the computer boots, the light turns green. The router has a single USB port for the CPU along with a single port for the memory card, modem, and Ethernet port. One thing should be kept in mind when using the router with the Brostrend WiFi extender set up; always ensure that the WPS button is pressed in order to use the computer's networking features.

The router comes with an ITSPure Instant Recovery Kit. It is not included with the purchase of the bro's Trend ac 750 wireless routers but can be ordered online from the company's official website. The kit comes with a recovery CD, recovery software, and a manual to reset the modem. The recovery CD contains information about the damage caused to the computer.

Final Verdict

The internet does not have any positive comments about the bro's trend ac 750 wireless routers. The WiFi signal is weak and the connection speed is not that good. The routers also suffer from frequent reboots. The only positive thing about this wireless extender model is that it provides a stable wireless connection but the other features of the router are not very good.

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