If you're looking for a multi-effects processor that packs more than one microphone into its tiny body, the Bose Multifocal Mic is perfect for you. In this Bose Smart Speaker review, you'll learn about the company's latest creation – the Bose Multifocal Speaker 500. Inside the Bose Smart Speaker 500, there are two custom drivers which point in different directions to bounce sound back and forth between speakers. The end result: a soundstage bigger than most any single-driver, powerful enough to cover any room with an amazing stereo sound.

Bose Smart Speaker 500 Review

Bose Smart Speaker 500 Review

It's easy to see how the audio from a single driver can produce such realism. On a side note, the fact that bose calls their smart speaker 500 an “immersive personal speaker” helps to solidify the realism aspect even further. These are speakers that can be used in your car and at your home, so you get the advantage of being able to use them anywhere. They can also be used as Bluetooth devices. However, the biggest benefit is likely the sound quality created by the speakers – and the bose smart speaker 500 is clearly one of the best.

The built-in stereo sound processor allows you to control any part of the system. Whether you're pumping up a single speaker or the whole house, this incredible technology is here to work. The bose smart speaker 500 is also compatible with numerous popular DJ software packages. With the compatibility options of the bose home speaker 300 and the ability to expand your system beyond mono outputs, you can really take your music to a higher level. The bose speaker is also highly durable which is bound to keep your investment looking new for many years to come.

To get the full effect of the bose smart speaker 500, you need to have a pair of custom drivers. It's no secret that a single receiver or two mono receivers will not give you the quality sounds that you're after. You want a system with two custom drivers that can handle incoming signal processing and then smoothly send it out as stereo sound. In order to achieve the best stereo sound quality from your speakers, you need to have two custom drivers and a subwoofer.

To enjoy your bose smart speaker 500 fully, you need to have a reliable and powerful home wi-fi network. One of the best options out there today is Spotify. Spotify offers a great interface with all of the features you need right in one location. With easy to use controls, you can set up a “fm station” where you can play music and podcasts right from your home computer. Then, if you want to share your music, videos, or photos with friends or family over the internet, all you have to do is hit the “share” button. No more searching for apps or websites!

The bose smart speaker 500 comes equipped with Spotify as well as several other popular music apps. Because it's a connected device, it also comes equipped with Amazon's own mSinging service (which allows you to listen to live concerts in your car). The built-in AM/FM radio lets you keep tunes coming from any place around the world. If you love live concerts, the built-in AM/FM radio lets you find a concert just like you would from anywhere. Even better, the built-in AM/FM radio lets you know what song is coming up on the air (so you don't have to look for it) – just go to the station and listen.

The latest in the bose smart speaker 500 series is the innovative new bose soundtouch. The built-in speaker dock lets you play music and listen to it right from your phone or music player. You can easily turn your phone or music device into a portable music device, so wherever you are, you can take your tune with you.


The 500 series gives you a lot of options. It's an excellent value for the money spent. If you want to have the most professional sound experience, you need to get the big guns. That's where the innovative new bose smart speaker 500 comes in. Connect your home theater system to the wall-to-wall stereo sound of the bose smart speaker 500 to enjoy your tunes across the room.

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