When finally got your hand on the blaux portable air cooler review, found out it operates on either 120V or 24V. However, what do these numbers really mean? 120V is the norm connection and 24V is commonly used for charging a laptop. The blaux portable air cooler review reveals that this unit not only cools the air surrounding you but also filters the outside air to provide you with clean healthy air.

This unique air-conditioning device comes with two filters to help remove odors. This is done through the use of carbon filters. The blaux portable air cooler review reveals that this is one of the best filtering devices available on the market. Other great features include built in fans and ionizers.

Blaux Portable Air Cooler Review

This blaux portable air cooler review has many good things to say about the ionizer that comes with the unit. It can reduce allergy symptoms in people suffering from hay fever and asthma. It can also reduce indoor pollution and improve the health of people who are suffering from respiratory ailments such as bronchitis and asthma. With the use of this ionizer, air that contains up to forty decibels of pollution can be reduced.

Blaux Portable Air Cooler Features

The blaux portable air cooler runs on a single battery. You will need to change it once every three months. If it gets too dirty, you will need to change it before using it again. This air cooler has a long warranty and is manufactured to ensure quality.

The air cooler works when you plug it into any standard wall socket. It has a vast variety of temperature settings that will help you regulate the temperature inside your home. It is capable of regulating the heat and cold within your room. You will get an enormous discount on this product when you purchase blaux portable mini air cooler units. You will not be disappointed with the performance of this product.

Blaux Portable Air Cooler Review

In this Blaux portable mini air cooler review, I am going to show you the different types of ionisers available for this device. The ioniser that I am going to introduce to you is known as the Fresh Air God and it can work as both a window air cooler and a portable air cooler unit. I have found this to be an extremely efficient product because it can work in conjunction with a Fresh Air Cloud System. When you combine these two together you will get the maximum effect.

The Fresh Air God portable air cooler runs silently and uses a triple-A battery. This triple-A battery enables it to function on days when there is no breeze. The fresh air ioniser runs on autopilot so it will maintain a constant environment indoors regardless of whether or not there is any breeze in the air. This makes it very efficient and you do not have to worry about the environment. You will get a huge massive discount when you purchase this air cooler from this article.

When you purchase this compact size air cooler from Blaux, you will discover that it is very economical and it has a wonderful triple-A battery life. This enables it to run on triple-A for five hours without having to restart it. The auto-pilot function also allows it to function at a lower temperature than many other air coolers on the market today. This air cooler is guaranteed to keep you and your family cool during the summer months and warm during the winter.

This Blaux portable air cooler review will reveal to you that the Blaux air cooler is equipped with a mood lighting system that provides bright colorful bulbs in three individual lighting settings. This helps you to choose a bright light in a particular room. If you want to make certain that the room you are in is illuminated in a way that is conducive to your relaxation and comfort then you can flip the switch on the mood lighting. This allows you to change the lighting in your room any time you like. If you want the mood lighting to be on while you are relaxing, then flip it on. If you are watching television and feel really comfortable then you can flip the switch on the lighting.

Another great feature of this air purifier is that it has a whisper-quiet operation. This is extremely beneficial if you have kids or elderly relatives living with you who suffer from hearing problems. Because this device operates at a high speed, it does not create an intense sound. This is a great option for you if you are trying to block out other noises from the bedroom. It operates at a moderate speed so it will not put off sounds that are more intense than the regular fan speed.


The cooling experience of the Blaux portable air cooler unit is another great reason why it is such a popular choice. Because it has a very powerful fan speed, it gets very cool air into the room. This is very beneficial if you have an air cooling issue in the area you are cooling. Because it has a whisper-quiet operation, you can feel the cool air blowing right through your clothes. These units also come with a built-in sensor that stops the fan if it becomes too hot so you do not get a sudden rush of hot air that can cause damage to furniture in the room.

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