Beosound Evolve Smart Speaker Review

It is time to check out the Beosound Emerge smart speaker. It is the Beosound Emerge smart speaker review. These new wireless speakers look like the actual shape of a reading book. They come in three sizes, each with its own unique feature. The emerging smartphones were designed in conjunction with a London-based creative designer, Benjamin Hubert, who specializes in digital media.

Beosound Emerge Smart Speaker Review

The company also produces a range of other devices and solutions. They supply an innovative beosound emerge smart speaker system that incorporates two wireless microphones. It is great for use at conferences or business meetings and enables you to communicate effectively without shouting. These wireless speakers come with a noise-canceling microphone.

The beosound emerge smart speaker systems incorporate a yin-yang dual speaker set up. The left speaker has a yin setting and the right speaker has a yang set. So when you speak, you are feeding energy into the speaker which reacts accordingly. The technology is called BPA-free.

To enhance the beosound emerge smart speaker performance, it is fitted with a Chroma Jack socket so that you can cast your voice wirelessly over a Wi-Fi network anywhere in the world. This is achieved through a USB connection and the USB card that came with your computer. If you use the Chroma Jack audio cable with your laptop, it enables you to make a wireless web connection directly from your laptop.

Sound Quality of Beosound Emerge Smart Speaker Review

For a good mid-range sound quality, you should install a subwoofer in your beosound emerge smart speaker. You can add a woofer as a secondary mid-range unit if you like. A mid-range sound will add good quality sound to your mid-range speaker system and save some money in the process.

The voice assistant can also be connected to your Chroma Jack speakers via a USB cable or a FireWire port and stream music from your mobile phone. The advantage of this feature is that you can control your Chroma Jacks through your voice assistant and not just your speakers. It is very easy to use and gives the appearance of a blended unit. In other words, you get a good quality sound coming from your speakers and your voice assistant.

However, these speakers are only good for small to medium-sized rooms. In addition to its small size, the technology used in them is not flexible enough to be used in any situation where you need advanced features. They do not have separate power units and so you need additional equipment such as power amplifiers and line-out connectors to attach to your existing power source. If you live in an area with a poor power supply, or where your existing speakers are not powerful enough, the beosound emerge smart speaker may be a good idea for you, but only as a backup.

Beosound Evolve Smart Speaker Review

With many other technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, it is hard to justify an audio system without a mids/high-end speaker. The beosound emerge smart speaker has a lot to offer but it does not stand out among other stereo sound systems. It is more of a cheap stereo speaker with a voice assistant that you can control from your smartphone. I feel that it is a compromise between cheapness and advanced features. The price is reasonable and the battery life is long enough, but other technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi can take advantage of each other and offer superior sound quality without breaking your budget.

The design is neat and looks great on your front door, but the feature that excites me is the ability to remotely control it from your smartphone. This makes controlling the volume, the equalizer and bass extremely easy and convenient. These are big promises with very little support behind them, so if you really want to enjoy these advantages, be sure to read the product review.


The final big claim to fame for Beosound's smart speaker is that it integrates wirelessly with Google's new Home app. To be fair, I haven't used it, but it seems to be the only way to go for now. If you need to connect your home theater system to your smartphone, I'd suggest checking out the Beosound App. It definitely sounds like an exciting new technology to watch in the future.

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