If you want to buy the best laptop computer, the Asus Rog Flow X13 is one of the options. The laptop is actually one of the most advanced and affordable laptops of this modern era. This laptop from Asus has an all-around performance which helps in making it the most liked among many people who buy a laptop. In this Asus Rog Flow X 13 review, we will be taking a look at some of the key features of this laptop. It will be explained as below:

Asus Rog Flow X13 Review

Asus Rog Flow X13 Review

Long Battery Life: For gaming purposes, the laptop is designed to the highest standards. It offers gaming features and plenty of advanced features which help in enhancing the laptop battery lifetime. In fact, the laptop offers four to five hours of battery life which can help in making this laptop very practical for people who need extensive computing power for a long time. One of the best features of the laptop is that it has a built-in fast charger which is available for it in the form of a USB.

Battery Life

Long battery life is a great feature but the only problem with the Asus rog flow x 13 review is that it does not come with a long warranty. Other than this, the laptop works fine as it is. But it needs a lot of care to keep it running smoothly. The computer is very light weighted so even a child could lift it. The keyboard and the touchpad are responsive and smooth.

Connectivity Options

Connectivity options: This is a major reason why this laptop is sold so cheap. It comes with two USB ports, an audio port, digital optical audio out port, and a video port. All these ports help in providing the user with high-end graphics performance. The video port enables the user to connect to a gaming video device such as an Xbox or a Gamecube. The touchpad is also extremely smooth and responsive which makes the whole operation of the laptop comfortable.

Screen Size

Screen size: The Asus flow x 13.4-inch gaming laptop is one of the largest sized laptops available in the market. Laptops have been gaining popularity as they are now considered to be corporate mobility appliances. When it comes to gaming, most laptops can not provide you with the high-quality experience that you are looking for. The Asus flow x 13.4-inch is definitely on the upper hand when it comes to the screen size.


Storage capacity: Asus Rog Flow laptops are known for their large storage capacity. You can store an ample amount of data on this gaming laptop. Most gaming laptops have limited storage capacity but not the Asus rog flow x 13.4-inch. The hard drive in this laptop has an amazing rate of speed so you can expect an excellent gaming experience.


Ports: The ports of this laptop are quite impressive. It has two USB ports, an optical port, an audio port, a modem, and a wireless card. The Asus rog armory crate has all these ports and also has an internal battery that gives you extended battery life.

Sound Quality

Sound quality: The sound quality of this laptop is really good. There is no roaring sound of the internal speakers. But, you can still feel the sound that you get from the speakers. You can clearly hear what your friends are saying in-game. Apart from that, the graphics card of the Asus rog flow x thirteen-inch gaming laptop is one of the best. You will not hear any errors or lags even during the long gaming session.

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