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The AC industry is a billion-dollar industry. $135 billion to be exact- that sees revenue increase each year. They work wonders for keeping homes and their owners comfortable during the hottest summer months.

The problem is that home air conditioners are expensive, which makes them a luxury item that many people can't afford.

Luckily, there's Arctos, a company that has pinpointed a way to offer high-quality air conditioning units at a fraction of the average market cost for AC units. Honoring the company's name, this revolutionary product is called the Arctos.

What is the Arctos?

The Arctos is a portable personal AC unit. The developing company teamed up with AC engineers from both the EV and aerospace industries to design a compact, highly-efficient unit that helps buyers beat the summer heat without breaking the bank.

When compared to traditional units, the Arctos is 300% more efficient and noticeably smaller. The biggest benefit, though, is that it's completely portable! It can be carried from room to room and even taken with you on vacation for when your hotel room gets just a little too warm for comfort.

The goal with the development of the unit was to create an AC that was suitable for use within small rooms and commercial offices and, by the looks of things, this goal has been met tenfold.

But what does the Arctos actually do? The short answer is that it does anything a traditional AC unit does, but the long, more in-depth answer is that the unit regulates humidity, cools the room, filters dust particles, and much, much more.

When it comes to installation, the Arctos doesn't cost a cent. That's right — there are no installation fees in any form. You don't have to buy accessory kits or window modification tools to reap the benefits of this unit. In addition, you can set up and start operating the unit without the need for assistance lifting a heavy, bulky window AC.

On average, the Arctos uses 79% less energy than other AC units, which makes a big difference in terms of how much you pay to run your AC this summer. At the end of the hottest summer month, you'll have an electricity bill that is so low you almost won't believe it.

Arctos Portable AC Review

How Does it work?

The creators of the Arctos invented a unique rapid cooling system that uses water to reduce the temperature of incoming hot air. Once the air has been cooled, it then comes out the other side of the unit freezing cold.

Using the unit is a breeze (see what we did there?). All you have to do is fill up the 300ml tank with tap water and press the start button. From here, the unit does all the work for you much like a traditional AC would.

The reservoir of the unit is relatively small when compared to the size of regular units, but even still, one fill per day should last you perfectly fine.

The battery of the unit is lithium-based and incredibly powerful, which means that the Arctos operates efficiently. This, in addition to its small size, makes it ideal for moving from room to room and home to home if necessary.

The battery is charged using a standard USB port. Thanks to this, you can charge the unit using any USB block from a cellphone charger or even using a laptop with USB ports. Adding to the convenience of this charging method is the fact that the unit charges with incredible speed.

There are Three Different Modes that You Can Set the Unit To.

The first mode, called Cool Mode, creates a relaxing breeze. The second is Chill Mode, which is even cooler than the first. The final mode, Freeze Mode, is ideal for cooling down a room fast, as it produces very cold air — and lots of it.

By using the Arctos, you can decrease the temperature of any small to medium-sized room within just a few minutes. Great! But there are other benefits of using the product.

The Arctos also works to filter the air going inside of it, pumping our cleaner, easier to breathe air that is gentle on the lungs and respiratory system. This is perhaps the biggest benefit for those with seasonal allergies or asthma.

What *exactly* can the Arctos do?

Great question! The Arctos can do a lot more than you'd think and has a ton more benefits than you'd expect.

  • You can choose from three different cooling modes
  • Arctos acts as an air humidifier and filter, providing relief for dry sinuses and allergies
  • You can choose between three fan speeds
  • The Arctos is both fast and efficient
  • The Arctos has a small but more-than-capable water reservoir that doesn't take up too much room
  • Compact, durable design
  • Quiet and undisturbing,
  • Integrated mood lighting
  • Fully adjustable

You might be wondering how the Arctos filter the air. Well, the secret is that it does so by utilizing its built in water curtain feature, which effectively traps dirt, dust, and debris before it gets blown through the unit and onto the user awaiting their cool air. This mechanism even captures pet hair and little bits of fuzz that come off clothing.

How much does the Arctos cost?

Traditional AC units cost anywhere from $300 to $800+ so naturally, you'd expect the Arctos to cost at least $300, right?

Well, what if I told you that this unit costs less than the most basic window models? Too good to be true! Except that it is true. The Arctos sells for $178 online but using the company's limited-time promotional discount, you can get yourself a portable AC for just $89!

Seriously! I'm not pulling your leg here. The company is offering 50% off while discount codes last.

If you've been considering the Arctos, now's the best time to get it.

How is it So Affordable?

You're probably now wondering how the Arctos can stay so affordable.

Here's the scoop.

Big box brands of ACs spend billions every year on advertising, selling in physical retail stores, and employee commission bonuses. But did you realize that consumers are the ones paying for all those expenses? Yep! We are.

Since the Arctos is only sold online there are never any selling fees or employee commissions that need to be paid. There are also no TV advertisement fees, which can get quite costly.

Instead of paying people to advertise their product, the company is confident enough to allow their product reviews and customer feedback to do the work for them. In my opinion, that confidence says something about the quality of the product.

After all, why would a company selling a poor product skip the advertising?

What's With the Discount?

One incredibly common business tactic these days is to give a certain number of customers a large discount in return for positive reviews and buzz on social media.

Arctos is taking advantage of this tactic's success but unlike other companies, they're not forcing customers to give positive reviews. They only want genuine satisfied reviews and, because of this, aren't giving out this huge discount in exchange for mandatory 4+ star reviews.


Do I have to install the Arctos before use?

Nope! The Arctos works directly out of the box and is super simple to set up and start using. In fact, you can have it cooling your room within roughly 60 seconds.

Do I need to buy batteries?

You do not. This portable AC unit comes with a rechargeable 200mAh battery that has an impressively long lifespan once fully charged. Included with the battery is a charging cable to get you started but if you lose your charger, no worries — it can charge with any USB charger.

Can I use the Arctos while sleeping?

You sure can! The Arctos is virtually silent, which makes it perfect for staying cool during the night when comfort is critical.

Does Arctos use a lot of electricity?

Since the Arctos is battery operated, it doesn't require electricity to operate. It doesn't need to be plugged in all the time which means it doesn't suck electricity unnecessarily.

Thanks to this, it uses a fraction of the electricity that traditional AC units do.

Conclusion: Is It Worth It?

So, is buying the Arctos AC worth it?

100% yes. With summer here and temperatures rising all over the country, the Arctos Portable AC is the cheapest most efficient way to stay cool.

100% Yes. With summer around the corner, the Arctos Portable AC is the cheapest and best way to stay cool and comfortable.

Despite being an $89 unit ($175 regular price), the Arctos feels like a $500 one. With its portability, affordability, and effectiveness, it's truly been a blessing for me so far this summer.

If you haven't made the connection so far, I'm loving this product. I'd recommend to everyone and anyone who needs a bit of extra chill in their life.

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