Ask Amazon Alexa about the Amazfit Band and you will talk about fitness, health, and time management. Ask Alexa specific questions and get personalized translations, set reminders, make shopping lists, analyze the weather, manage your smart home electronics, and many more. The innovative, calorie-controlled cardio machine offers you an easy way to get fit. As you use the app you can measure your heart rate, calories burned, speed, and distance traveled. The app tells you how many calories you are burning and the metabolic equivalent of your workout so that you can stay on target and get the most out of every workout.

Amazfit Band 5 Fitness Tracker

Amazfit Band 5 Fitness Tracker Review

The amazing new feature of the Amazfit band is its calorie and pulse rate monitoring capabilities. This new technology makes it possible to keep track of how many calories are being burned during your workout. You can log your workout using the built-in Wristwatch and quickly see how many more calories you are burning as you exercise. The Amazfit band has an advanced, user-friendly interface that makes it easy to learn how to use all of the new features.

The heart rate monitor watch built into the amazing band 5 fitness tracker has a built-in pedometer. This means that you can take an accurate measurement of your overall calories burned during your workout. The watch has a large, easy-to-read indicator that counts your heart rate. The watch even includes a built-in stopwatch so you can time your workout sessions. Some fitness trackers also include a thermometer that measures the temperature of your body throughout your exercise routine.

The voice assistant feature of the tracker works with an answering machine. When the device is off or turned off, the voice assistant will still be there. When you activate the device, it will start talking to you. You can use the built-in speaker to speak to the voice assistant if you would like and you can simply press a button to turn the machine off.

The Amazfit band has an impressive list of health benefits. Some of these perks include the ability to measure your calories, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels. You can view your weekly progress report that shows your average progress so far and the estimated remaining time until you reach your goal. The additional calories can be viewed as a graph on the device's home screen. The Amazfit band 5 also comes with a feature called the mi smart functionality that helps you track the distance you have covered as well as your speed and overall time for the day.

Amazfit Band 5 Fitness Tracker Review

The voice assistant also acts as a logbook. It records all the information about your workout and then compiles it into a weekly report. The Mi smart functionality of the tracker enables you to export the information into a text document or a spreadsheet. This further allows you to share your progress with a personal trainer or an outside organization. In addition to being able to export your data, the voice assistant also integrates with social media services like Facebook and Twitter.

The built-in calorie counter ensures that you get accurate information about the number of calories you are consuming. The heart rate monitor keeps track of your pulse rate, which ensures that you get accurate readings. The built-in fitness tracker also measures the mileage that you have covered in both exercise sessions and walking sessions. When the Amazfit Band 5 was introduced, some of the early customers complained about the low battery life of the device. However, this problem has been addressed in subsequent versions of the band.


Some of the additional features of the device that make it stand out from the other fitness trackers is its ability to measure your pulse rate and provide you with detailed reports on the number of workouts you have completed, total distance covered, and average heart rate during your workout session. The built-in calorie counter also helps you to calculate the calories you have burnt during the course of a day. It also measures your pulse rate to provide you with an idea of your fitness levels. The latest version of the Amazfit band 5, the mi smart band 5, comes with an additional 30-day money-back guarantee that will cover any damages during the period of warranty.

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